JESUS Loves the Little Children, and you?

JESUS  Loves the Little Children, and you?

lundi 15 novembre 2010

Knowing GOD Better according to Isaiah 42: 8

May GOD Bless you! Today, we really want to share with you: how we can know GOD Better? According to The Bible, The Book of Isaiah 42: 8 says: “I AM THE LORD; that is MY Name; MY Glory I give to no other, nor MY Praise to carved idols.” (English Standard Version). This Declaration of GOD presents HIS DIVINE Nature. It presents also, The Glory and The Praise belong to only GOD . This Declaration of GOD explains clearly that: GOD could never give HIS Glory and HIS Praise to the idols.
At this present time, the main question oblige us to search: how the human race cans know GOD and to serve HIM only? In another hand, it is important to discover how GOD Reveals HIMSELF to the human race. So, by knowing GOD Better through HIS Word, we will understand more better how the human race can Adore only GOD , by following the ways that HE presents HIMSELF to the Bible.
We know that the human race is contains people who live today but could be dying tomorrow: because we are all mortal. So, how it is possible to the human race to know GOD ? In another hand, does GOD Reveals HIMSELF to the human race?
These questions will permit us to present the meaning of the Revelation. As we learn it well, “Revelation” means “The Action of GOD to Reveal HIMSELF to men, without that man could not know GOD ”. “According to this understanding of the DIVINE Revelation, GOD disclosed Truths HE wished men to know about HIMSELF by dictating HIS Message to HIS Prophets of The Old Testament and to CHRIST’s Apostles in The New Testament. Since the completion of the last Book of The Bible, however, GOD has ceased to reveal HIMSELF .”1 More over all, The Bible says: “For the wrath of GOD is Revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the Truth.” Romans 1: 18.
“General Revelation refers to those communications available for all manking, not merely to the chosen People of GOD . special Revelation, by contrast, is that Revelation which relates specifically to the redemptive program of GOD given to a particular People, Israel in The Old Testament and The New Testament Church in The New Testament.”2 GOD presents HIMSELF as “THE LORD ”. In another way, GOD says that: HE IS THE ONLY ONE LORD GOD . GOD IS GOD and HE IS THE ONLY ONE GOD . In The Book of Genesis 1: 1, The Word of GOD Says: “In the beginning, GOD Created the heavens and the earth.” “The Bible opens with The Words “ In The beginning GOD ”. HE was in the beginning because HE IS HIMSELF without beginning The Uncaused, SELF-existent and SELF-sufficient.”3
GOD IS THE ALMIGHTY GOD ; So, no creature can stand against HIM . Because, all Power and all Authority belong to HIM . GOD knows every thing. This is GOD WHO Control every thing. The Word of GOD says in Psalm 90: 2 “Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever YOU had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting YOU ARE GOD .” GOD IS OMNIPRESENT , that means: HE IS everywhere at all time, while HE Reigns in HIS Glorious Throne in The Heaven. It is important to remember that The Glory and The Praise belong to only GOD . And The Reverence belongs only to GOD . That means GOD could never share HIS Glory with HIS Creation or another Creatures. We remember that GOD created everything to receive Praise from HIS Own Creation.
But, in the earth, there are two categories of people: the first category represents The Believers who Adore and Serve THE TRUE GOD ; but the second category represents unbelievers who some of them serve idols that they draw. In another hand, “So the believer is enrolled. He is in The School of GOD . He has the best textbook ever to be touched by human hands. He has an Infaillible, all-Wise and Understand TEACHER . All he needs to do is to receive The Words “which maketh wise.”4
The main question to ask here is: how someone could serve and pray “something” that he drayed yesterday, and think that this thing is able to do something for him? ... Or, how someone could serve or pray something that he buys? We have to know this is the ruse of the devil who would like people to perish with him and to go to the hell with him, by disobeying THE ALMITHY GOD WHO all Honor and Praise belong to HIM.
At this present time, we have to give an idea about the idols. The reality is: people draw and design idols to the aspects that they want to, as: their size, the length of their feet or noose, the density of their mouth, what substance to use to mix to build them … But, in spite of these efforts to build these “things” called idols: the idols still could not move, people and children could cover them with dirty, … And people preserve them, so that they could not break or fall dawn…
But, we know that GOD does not want to see them. The idols are abominable and detestable in The Sight of GOD THE ONLY ONE GOD WHO Reigns forever and HIS Dominion is extend in all the earth and in the Universe that HE Created with HIS POWERFUL Knowledge. “and as gracious GOD WHO IS slow to anger and quick to forgive, but also as a righteous GOD WHO punishes idolatry and injustice among HIS OWN People as well as in the pagan nations.”5
Here, we see that: GOD IS JEALOUS . JEALOUS for HIS Own Glory, JEALOUS for HIS Own Praise and JEALOUS for HIS Own Reverence. That is why GOD Says in Isaiah 42: 8 “I AM THE LORD; that Is MY Name; MY Glory
I give to no other, nor MY Praise to carved idols.” “It must grieve THE LORD to see all of HIS Creation Glorifying HIM , except man. Stars shine, and in doing so, they Glorify GOD . They were Created to do so. There is no revolt among the stars out of boredom or rebellion. There is never a blackout in the Heavens. Animals also do as they were Created to do. Only man and angels revolt, trying to glorify themselves instead of their CREATOR .”6
GOD does not hide HIMSELF to men. But, GOD Reveals HIMSELF to the human race as we learn it: “without that men could not know GOD ”. So, the human race, all over the earth can know GOD ; All the human race can Adore THE TRUE GOD WHO REIGNS in The Heaven. “The Crowing Work of GOD in The Communication of HIS Revelation to man is the Internal Work of THE HOLY SPIRIT which enables HIM to accord to all The Revelation Acts and Words of GOD their proper significance.”7
GOD gives way to enter in Communion with HIM and to become HIS Children by putting Faith in JESUS CHRIST HIS ONLY SON . “Finally, the contemporary view rightly center\s all Biblical Revelation in JESUS CHRIST . The Supreme Act of DIVINE Revelation is the Act by which GOD became incarnate in JESUS CHRIST and lived out for man HIS DIVINE life on earth.”8 The Word of GOD says in John 3: 16 “For GOD so Loved the world, that HE gave HIS ONLY SON, that whoever Believes in HIM should not perish but have eternal life.”
And we see in The Word of GOD that JESUS CHRIST : THE ONLY SON OF GOD says in John 14: 6 “JESUS said to him, “I AM The Way, and The Truth, and The Life. No one comes to THE FATHER except through ME.” “JESUS CHRIST combines both The Act of Revelation and The Word of Revelation. HE IS GOD Acting; and when HE Speaks, HE IS, in turn, GOD Speaking with DIVINE AUTHORUTY and DIVINE INFALLIBILITY .”9
So, we do not have to serve, pray or adore idols. But, we have to Pray in spirit: THE ONLY ONE GOD WHO Reigns in The Heaven . Because, JESUS CHRIST says in John 4: 24 “GOD IS SPIRIT, and those who Worship HIM Must Worship in spirit and truth.” Then, we realize that to Adore GOD , to give GOD Glory, Praise and Reverence: The fundamental step is to trust JESUS CHRIST as DIVINE SAVIOR, LORD AND REDEEMER .
So, we have to Adore GOD , Give GOD Honor, Praise and REVERENCE , under The Power of THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD , in The Name of JESUS CHRIST , THE DIVINE LORD, SAVIOR AND REDEEMER .

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